Elenco corsi a.a. 2014/2015
Anno accademico 2014/2015

Seminario su studi biblici RA1203

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


Students will be exposed to a wide variety of exegetical methodologies. They will be guided in applying these to biblical texts from both testaments, drawing exegetical conclusions, discussing these conclusions as a group and defending them in written essays. Upon completion of the seminar, they will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to employ these methodologies in academic work, in ministry and in their personal reading of the Word of God.


Topics to be discussed: 1. Leitwort and Leitmotif analysis. 2. Textual criticism. 3. Source criticism. 4. Redaction criticism. 5. Narrative criticism. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the seminar, the students will be familiar with various synchronic and diachronic exegetical methods proposed by the Church. They will be capable of making judgments regarding exegetical questions and dialoguing cogently about these with their peers. In properly constructed, written exegetical arguments, they will be able to defend their own solutions and evaluate those proposed by different scholars.


Textbook: 1. The complete Bible, translated in English. 2. Professor’s notes. ALAND K.-ALAND B.-KARAVIDOPOULOS J.-MARTINI C.M.-METZGER B.M. (eds.), Nestle-Aland Greek-English New Testament (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2008); BROWN R.E., An Introduction to the New Testament (Anchor Bible Reference Library, New York, Doubleday, 1997); CROY N.C., Prima Scriptura: An Introduction to New Testament Interpretation (Grand Rapids, Baker Academic, 2011); GORMAN M.J., Elements of Biblical Exegesis: A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2009); MARGUERAT D.-BOURQUIN Y., How to Read Bible Stories: An Introduction to Narrative Criticism (Translated by John Bowden. London, SCM, 1999); MOULTON W.F.-GEDEN A.S.-MARSHALL I.H., Concordance to the Greek New Testament. (6th ed. London/New York: T. & T. Clark, 2002); PONTIFICAL BIBLICAL COMMISSION, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church (Vatican City, LEV 1993).