Elenco corsi a.a. 2013/2014
Anno accademico 2013/2014

Diritto Canonico 1 RA0901

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


At the end of this course, students will have acquired a basic understanding of the notion of Church Law, its basic historical background and the fundamental norms in Canon Law. The students will be able to interpret such basic norms and be enabled to applying such in day-to-day cases involving the ministry and life of the Christian Faithful. This objective will be fulfilled by the following learning activities: 1. Attendance to all lessons with the Canon Law Book (CIC 1983) always in hand; 2. Following of Power Point presentations on the Church Laws presented by the Professor with the active participation of the students; 3. A personal reading of the discussed Norms of CIC 1983 after lessons; 4. Case solving applying the norms learned as homework.


General Introduction. 1. Church and Law 2. Divine and Human law 3. The History of Canon Law 4. Book I Canons - General Outline a) Persons b) Offices c) Legal Instruments d) Juridical Acts e) Statutes and Ordinances f) Counting of Time.


The Code of Canon Law 1983. BEAL J.-CORIDEN J.-GREEN T. (eds.), New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law (New York, Paulist Press 2000); CAPARROS E.-AUBÉ H. (eds.), Code of Canon Law: Annotated. (2nd rev. upd. ed. Woodridge, Midwest Theological Forum 2004); CORIDEN J.A., An Introduction to Canon Law (Rev. ed. New Jersey, Paulist Press, 2004); MARZOA A.J.-MIRAS-RODRIGUEZ-OCANA R. (eds.), Exegetical Commentary on the Code of Canon Law, 8 vols (Woodridge, Midwest Theological Forum 2004); MARTIN DE AGAR J.T., A Handbook on Canon Law (Woodridge, Midwest Theological Forum 1999).