Elenco corsi a.a. 2016/2017
Anno accademico 2016/2017

Ministero liturgico e omiletica RA0703

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


For Liturgical Ministry: This first part of the entire course aims at bringing the students to a qualified celebration of the sacred mysteries and Christian rites, by combining sacramental principles and liturgical practice. In view of their future pastoral work as Church leaders and spiritual educators, this course wishes to help them to perform a celebration not merely as prescribed rituals, but as actions that illuminate fundamental relationships among human persons and between them and God. The general concern is then to enhance the quality of the liturgical celebrations. For Homiletics: With the objective of training the participants to write, personalize and deliver effective homilies, this second part of the course, besides some theoretical inputs, basically focuses on practicum, bearing in mind the various contexts in which the homily is delivered.


For Liturgical Ministry: Preparation and celebration ofSacraments and Sacramentals, with a particular focus on the role of the Minister, especially in the context of Baptism, Eucharist, Marriage, Funeral Rites, Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration and Blessings; Principles, Practice and Spirituality of Liturgical Ministers: Lay, Ministries, Orders especially the Diaconate Order. For Homiletics: Meaning and Understanding of Homily; Obstacles in Preaching; Guidelines for preaching during Tragedy; Homilies on Ordinary days, Solemnities and Saints’ Days; Review of the new Homiletic Directory 2014; PRACTICUM and Homily delivery. Learning Outcomes: After completion of this entire course, the student will be able to: - Celebrate Christ’s Mysteries through the Sacraments and Sacramentals and minister to the faithful in a more practical, natural and effective manner. Know, appreciate, preach and live out God’s Word with the aid of a biblical worldview, a faith-lived interpretive Christian community experience. Broadly, objectively, critically, precisely and clearly understand, personalize or articulate the Word of God from the various theological disciplines: biblical, historical, liturgical, anthropological, pastoral and cultural, with details and frameworks that consider the nature and context of the assembly. - Deepen one’s communication skills (through listening, speaking, writing, media, and other means) so as to offer a lively, effective and appropriate measure of the Word of God to the flock entrusted to him as a shepherd, as well as engaging the Church with the world. Essential Required Documents: Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Homiletic Directory. Vatican City: Lev, 2014 (soft copy format will be issued). United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, General Instructions of the Roman Missal. Washington, DC.: USCCB,2011.


For Liturgical Ministry: BOULEY ALLAN, Catholic Rites Today (Collegeville-MI, Liturgical Press 1992); CURLEY TERENCE P., Planning the Catholic Funeral (Collegeville, Liturgical Press 2005); GRIFFIN ELTIN, The Funeral Book. Pastoral Commentaries, Creative Ideas and Funeral Homilies (Dublin, Columba 1998); MARTOS JOSEPH, The Sacraments. An interdisciplinary and Interactive Study (Collegeville-MI, Liturgical Press 2009); SMOLARSKY DENNIS C., Sacred Mysteries: Sacramental Principles and Liturgical Practice (New York, Paulist Press 1994). For Homiletics: BACIK JAMES J.-ANDERSON KEVIN E., A Light Unto My Path. Crafting Effective Homilies (New York, Paulist Press 2006); EDWARDS OTIS CARL Jr., Elements of Homiletic. A Method for Preparing to Preach (Collegeville-MN, Liturgical Press 1990); HARRIS DANIEL, We Speak the Word of the Lord: A Practical Plan for More Effective Preaching (Chicago: Acta Publications 2001); NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS, Fulfilled in Your Hearing: The Homily in the Sunday Assembly (Washington-D.C., USCCB 1982); NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS, Preaching the Mystery of faith, the Sunday Homily (Washington-D.C., USCCB 2012); REID BARBARA E.-LESLIE J. HOPPE, Preaching from the Scriptures: New Directions for Preparing Preachers (Chicago, Catholic Theological Union 1998); WALLACE JAMES A., Preaching to the Hungers of the Heart: The Homily on Feasts and within the Rites (Collegeville-MN, Liturgical Press 2002); Some Important Texts from the Magisterium: Sacrosanctum Concilium (SC), nos. 24, 35, 52. Dei Verbum (DV), no. 21 (Importance of Holy Scripture forthe Church). no. 24 (Liturgical homily’s foremost place in the ministry of the Word). Paul VI. Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests, Presbyterorum Ordinis (PO), December 7, (1965) no. 4(Priests as ministers of God’s Word). Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship. General Introduction to the Lectionary. (Second Edition)January 21, (1981), nos. 24, 25, 26, 27. General Instructions of the Roman Missal, 2011. nos. 29, 65,66.