Elenco corsi a.a. 2016/2017
Anno accademico 2016/2017

Teologia morale fondamentale RA0601

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


The course aims to introduce students of theology to the foundations, concepts and methods of Catholic moral theology so as to equip them to critically involve themselves in discussions of moral issues and to keep growing in their aspiration for truth and goodness in the warm light of the gospel.


The Nature of Moral Theology and the Task of the Moralist. The Context of Contemporary Moral Theology. The Bible and Christian Ethics - Jesus and Discipleship. Faith and Morality. The Human Person: Freedom and Knowledge. Sin and Reconciliation. Conscience and its Formation. The Church and Moral Life. The Law and Morality. The Morality of Human Action. Contemporary Moral Theories. Moral Decision Making and Pastoral-Moral Guidance. Learning Outcomes: By the end of the Class the students are expected to: - Recall and outline the history of the development of the discipline of moral theology; - Describe the nature of moral theology and identify the sources of Catholic moral theology (scripture and tradition); - Present a coherent understanding of sin and reconciliation; - Explain the role of conscience and its formation; - Analyse human action and the essential conditions for evaluating moral action; - Summarize the latest magisterial teaching on the foundations of catholic moral theology; - Recognize and apply foundational principles and criteria for judgment used in moral discernment.


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