Elenco corsi a.a. 2013/2014
Anno accademico 2013/2014

Esegesi NT: Lettere paoline e apostoliche RA0202

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


Upon completion of this course, students will have acquired a base of knowledge concerning the literary, historical, and theological characteristics of the Pauline Letters, the Catholic Epistles and the Letter to the Hebrews. They will be capable of correct exegesis of these texts in order to employ them in academic, pastoral and liturgical contexts as well as for personal reading and meditation. This objective will be met by means of the following learning activities: 1. Attendance at all lessons, with your Bible always in hand. 2. Personal reading and analysis of the biblical text. 3. Group work: reading and analysis of passages, discussion of exegetical issues, etc. 4. Expositions by the professor, with the active participation of the students. 5. Guided reading of the biblical text and of key secondary sources (responding to questions provided by the professor) as homework


1. Introduction: A. Classification of NT letters. B. Hellenistic epistolary form. C. Hellenistic rhetorical style. 2. The Pauline Corpus: A. The letters of undisputed Pauline authorship. B. The so-called Deutero-Pauline Letters. C. The Pastoral Epistles. 3. The Catholic Letters: A. James. B. 1-2 Peter. C. Jude. 4. The Letter to the Hebrews


The complete Bible, translated in English*. BROWN R.E., An Introduction to the New Testament, Anchor Bible Reference Library (New York, Doubleday 1997). Bibliography: COUSAR C.B., The Letters of Paul. Interpreting Biblical Texts (Nashville, Abingdon 1996); DUNN J.D. G., The Theology of Paul the Apostle (Grand Rapids, Eerdmans 2006); GORMAN M.J., Apostle of the Crucified Lord: A Theological Introduction to Paul and His Letters (Grand Rapids, Eerdmans 2003); GRAY P., Opening Paul’s Letters: A Reader’s Guide to Genre and Interpretation (Grand Rapids, Baker 2012); HOLMES M.W. (ed.), The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (Atlanta, SBL 2010) [PDF available at]; KOESTER C.R., Hebrews, The Anchor Bible (New York, Doubleday 2001); KOESTER H., Paul and his World ) (Minneapolis, Fortress 2007); MARCHAL J. (ed.); Studying Paul’s Letters: Contemporary Perspectives and Methods (Minneapolis, Fortress 2012); MEEKS WAYNE A., The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul (New Haven, Yale University Press 22003); MURPHY-O’CONNOR J., Paul the Letter-Writer: His World, His Options, His Skills (Collegeville, Liturgical Press 1995); O’GRADY J.F., Pillars of Paul’s Gospel: Galatians and Romans (New York, Paulist 1992); VANHOYE A., A Different Priest: The Epistle to the Hebrews, Series Rhetorica Semitica (Miami, Convivium 2011).