Elenco corsi a.a. 2019/2020
Anno accademico 2019/2020

Seminario in psicologia dello sviluppo EB1840

Sede di Roma
Primo semestre


The seminar is intended to guide the student to have an understanding of a simple systematic review of the literature in view of the requirement for completing the Bachelor’s degree. In the introductory part, some guidelines (PRISMA statement) and bibliographical references related to the systematic review of literature will be presented. Also, the research methodology required for utilizing the main databases related to psychology and educational sciences will be presented. Additionally, some important software applications that are used for managing bibliographical information in various databases will be briefly presented. In the practical part of the seminar, the student will be guided to perform systematic review on some themes, also in view of the requirement for completing bachelor’s degree.


Systematic Review in Psychology and Educational Sciences: an introduction.


SIDDAWAY A.P.-WOOD A.M.-HEDGES L.V., How to Do a Systematic Review: A Best Practice Guide for Conducting and Reporting Narrative Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Meta-Syntheses. Annual Review of Psychology, 70, 747–770 (2019); PETTICREW M.-ROBERTS H., Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide (Oxford, Blackwell 2006).


Seminar will be taught, mainly, in English. The student’s presentations will be in English or Italian. Participants are requested to bring their own laptop. CITAVI will be used for references management. CITAVI doesn’t work on Macintosh.